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About us

About Us  

Glamorous Kenya Travel Ltd, a company duly incorporated in accordance with the company laws

of the Republic of Kenya, and approved by National Tourism Administration of Kenya, our

company is a comprehensive travel service company, we specializes in tourism between China

and Kenya, trade consultation, personnel training, international exchange and a series of

Glamorous Kenya Travel Ltd is a local travel agency which is specially designated by the

Kenya National Tourism Administration to receive the Chinese citizens. What’s more,

Glamorous Kenya Travel Ltd is a life-member of Kenya National Tourism Administration. We

have more than 20 years experience, our company is a sole proprietorship travel agency with

rich experience. Glamorous Kenya Travel Ltd will ensure you a pleasant journey through our

professional spirit.
At present, Glamorous Kenya Travel Ltd has branches and offices in Hong Kong, Beijing,

Shenzhen, Fujian and other places.
Glamorous Kenya Travel Ltd, we have the spirit of “advanced business principle,

standardized operation, professional service team, perfect after-sales service” business

purposes. Our company is committed to the development and construction of wildlife tourism

resources. We perfect internal management of the company to accelerate the development of

the company. Our company’s operation principle is “scientific management, solidarity and

cooperation, realistic and pragmatic, exploration and innovation”, based on innovation,

uphold the professionalism, pursuit of excellence. Our company’s brand new and high quality

cooperation model can provide our clients with a full range of international travel service.
We can customize the Kenya travel plans according to our client’s requirements. We have won

the customer’s affirm and high reputation with reasonable price and high quality service.
We sincerely invite you to participate in the Glamorous Kenya Wildlife Trip. Our company can

continuously improve the quality of business and service. We are grateful for the support

and care of our clients and partners.

Business Range
We mainly engaged in the tourism project investment, development of tourist resources and

business for the products of scenic spots. We adhere to carry out the ecotourism concept of

Kenya Tourism Administration.
We are professional in received all kinds of travel group, including business group,

official group, and arrangement of leisure activities on weekends and holidays for overseas

Chinese whose in Kenya.
Our business includes application for hotel reservation, air tickets service and service of

car rental.
We can offer you the best professional and reasonable tourist routes. There are dozens of

ecological national park and wildlife reserve in Kenya. Any of your travel dream, our

company will help you to let your dream come true. When you feel the warm, comfortable and

feel at home service offered by our company, at the same time, you can enjoy the visual and

spiritual shock brought by the wildlife on Africa’s wild landscapes.

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