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Tourist Visa  

Mainland China only the Kenya Embassy in Beijing can apply for the visa of Kenya, the need to provide the following documents:
1, the original passport valid for six months or more
2, 2 inch photos
Kenya invitations or local hotels, travel agencies received confirmation of a
4, and from Kenya ticket or itinerary.
444 yuan fee: individual tourist visas, transit visa is 178 yuan, Nairobi, Kenya, airport drop visa costs $ 50.
Special Note: Holders of ordinary passports must personally go to the Beijing Embassy to apply for employees of a company may send a representative to handle. Can also be commissioned travel agents or the Agency to apply for group visas, you do not personally go to the. Hong Kong Consulate can accept commission agents.
Kenya Embassy in Beijing
Address: Beijing Sanlitun West Sixth Street on the 4th
Tel :010 -65,323,381
Processing time: Monday to Friday, 9:30-12:00 am, 14:30.


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